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R. Washburn has been an aspiring writer ever since her first grade teacher gave her a pen and paper and told their students to write stuff. Since then, she had been writing a variety of incomplete stories in notebooks until her family eventually invested in a strange contraption called a computer. Keeping at her writing nonsense, she successfully wrote a 175,000 word urban fantasy titled Call on the Lion at the age of fourteen. By the end of high school, she had written four novels ranging between science fiction, psychological horror, and supernatural.

Between several drafts, R. Washburn has authored nine novels, as well as several short stories and novellas ranging between fantasy, science fiction, supernatural, and horror. Her only fighting force preventing her from publication, however, was herself. In 2007, Washburn's mother had passed away. Shortly afterwards, her grandfather. This resulted in a hiatus that lasted so long she never thought she'd be able to write another word again. Then one slow day in the tedium of work, she picked up her old brainchild from high school called Seraphim Ascent, and completely rewrote the prologue and first chapter in a few hours. With that, she was back on the writing horse again.

Influenced by her writing teacher from high school, Tara K. Harper, and with the support of her local writing group, it's safe to say that she is still writing.

Two novels (Seraphim Ascent and What the Thunder Said) are currently underway, both which have been slated for the year 2014.

Washburn also lives in the Portland area, where she has resided her entire life.

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